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Advocating For Your Rights As A Father

The child’s relationship with their father can be an important part of their development. Studies have shown that children may do better in school, in social situations and at work if their father was engaged throughout their childhood. That’s why, if you’re going through a divorce or you suspect your spouse may be engaging in parental alienation, it’s important that you advocate for a relationship with your child if you can offer them a stable and healthy environment.

When what matters most is at stake, call Peterson White LLP. Our lawyers are compassionate representatives for fathers seeking to establish legal rights to parent their child. We believe that a person’s relationship with their father is incredibly special, and we want to help you maintain that bond. Building a strong future for your family is our first priority, and we will do what we can to advocate for your rights while keeping your child’s best interests in mind.

The Importance Of Establishing Paternity

When a child is born to unmarried parents, paternity may be legally established through DNA testing or documentation. Establishing fatherhood becomes important when the court must make a legal decision regarding child custody, child support and visitation. While this can happen in cases of divorce, other circumstances such as inheritance rights or adoption may also require a DNA test to establish paternity.

Having strong legal representation is one of the best steps you can take to advocate for your parental rights in a variety of situations. Whether you need an attorney to fight for child custody or to represent you through a contested divorce, Peterson White LLP can help you. Our family law attorney, Jodi Loden, is experienced with many different aspects of family law including juvenile law, paternity law and parental alienation claims. She will be the compassionate and knowledgeable advocate your family needs to navigate this complex process.

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