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When Your Rights As A Grandparent Are Questioned

Grandparents have a unique relationship with their grandchildren and can offer an important link to their family history. Unfortunately, some parents use this relationship as leverage to manipulate their parents’ assets or resources. They may also take their strained relationship with their own parents out on their children, preventing their kids from developing a bond with their grandparents.

Seeking visitation rights or child custody as a grandparent can be challenging, but we’re here to help. At Peterson White LLP, we know that it may be an uphill battle, but we’re ready to fight alongside you. Family law attorney Jodi Loden has years of experience working with a variety of cases that include paternity law, juvenile law and termination of parental rights. She will work closely with you through every step of the case to make sure you understand your options and feel accurately represented.

Visitation And Child Custody For Grandparents

Whenever possible, the court tries to make decisions based on whatever is best for the child. If the parents are considered fit guardians, their decision to limit grandparents’ access to their child is taken into consideration during visitation and custody cases. However, if a grandparent feels they are being unfairly kept from their grandchildren, the court may still take their claims into account.

The same is true for grandparents who want to adopt their grandchildren. While this is even more difficult to establish, it is possible. If a grandparent seeks legal custody, they must not only prove that the parents are unfit caregivers, but also that they, the grandparents, have the financial and physical wellness to care for the child. Common reasons a grandparent may seek custody of a child include:

  • Physical or sexual abuse from the parents
  • Drug use and addiction within the home
  • Parents have died
  • The parents consent to grandparent custody
  • Other extenuating circumstances

Peterson White LLP is equipped to help you through family mediation and, if necessary, represent you in litigation. Our Tennessee lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced enough to offer informative, honest and empathetic guidance.

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