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Should I Hire a Financial Professional for My Divorce?


One of the things most impacted by divorce in Tennessee is your finances. Divorce affects your assets, credit and debts. To better understand how divorce can impact your finances, you may want to look into using a financial professional.

Forbes published an article focusing on the financial considerations for divorce. Obtaining sound financial advice can help you understand your changing expenses and income along with the tax implications of those changes. A professional can help you simply adjust to the new circumstances by helping you budget, revamp your retirement plan and reconsider your investment strategies.

The real estate owned during divorce may be separated between you and your spouse. Sometimes that requires you selling your home and splitting the difference then either renting or purchasing a new living situation. This living change comes with changing utility bills, new deposits, tax implications and potentially downsizing.

Any debts accrued during the marriage can be subject to splitting, which means you could be liable for your spouse’s high credit card bill. Even if the decree orders the spouse to pay their own credit card debt, you could still be on the hook. You may also have to split pension, retirement accounts and benefit plans with your ex-spouse which can change your retirement plans.

A financial professional can help you navigate those tax implications, the debt expectations, liabilities and assets. Higher net-worth individuals may benefit the most from understanding their financial situation. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.