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Five Mistakes That Sabotage Your Chances of Child Custody

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If you are facing a divorce and don't want to face any unneeded problems, make sure you don't make these five mistakes during your child custody case. Following the right steps is critical if you want to improve your odds of getting custody. Learn these tips and keep them in mind for the best possible results, and you will be pleased with the outcome.

  1. Losing Your Temper

Losing your temper in court is one of the worst ways to reach your goals. You leave a bad taste in the judge's mouth and decrease your odds of reaching your desired outcome. If you lose your temper, you are much more likely to lose your custody battle.

  1. Lying

You need to be careful when it comes to your reputation in court. One lie is enough for you to break the trust you had with the legal system. Unless you have solid proof of everything you say, you will have difficulty getting the judge to believe you.

  1. Breaking Court Orders

In a custody battle, court orders are likely to show up. The court might order you to only see your children on certain days or to avoid contact with your former spouse, and you must follow those orders if you don't want to face unnecessary problems.

  1. Manipulating Your Children

Manipulating your children is also something you want to avoid. Some people try manipulating their children or using them as a pawn in a divorce. The court sees right through that approach and won't take you seriously after that. Don't manipulate your children if you want a reasonable shot at reaching your goal.

  1. Not Putting Your Children First

No matter how your court case is going, you have to put your children first. It looks bad if you don't put them first, and you might have trouble getting the court to side with you. Do your best to remain upfront each step of the way, and you will be glad you did.

Final Thoughts

Going through a legal case is not always easy, and you will face many challenges along the way. Avoid these top five mistakes if you don't want to throw away your case. When you go to court, stay on your best behavior and prepare to put your best foot forward.


You never know if you will get the outcome you want, but some mistakes are worst than others. Make an effort to keep up your appearance and to prepare your case in advance. Doing so enhances your odds of reaching the outcome you had in mind from the start.


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