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How to Bring Back the Holiday Magic for Children of Divorced Parents

Little boy and snow

The holidays are the most magical time for children. The traditions, time spent with family, and let’s not forget the gifts. This season can be stressful, and your kids will undoubtedly feel the tension, especially if this is their first year after a divorce. They may be feeling split loyalties, guilt, sadness, and even heartache.

It’s still possible to create a positive experience for your kids this year. Keep these tips in mind as you navigate the holidays.

Planning for the Holidays

Try to get your holiday plans figured out as soon as possible. Are you and your co-parent on amicable terms? Although it may sound unconventional and even a bit uncomfortable, you may want to consider spending the holidays together with your children. This may sound shocking to some but this arrangement can work for families where the divorced parents are cooperative and can remain cordial in front of them.

Those who choose to celebrate together must be focused on their child’s needs. If there’s any chance of conflict, we suggest opting for a different holiday arrangement. The potential for unnecessary drama and conflict is not worth it.

If the emotions are still too raw, consider combining your resources to give a joint, meaningful present. This shows parental devotion, and your child can look back fondly on the gift.

Create New Traditions

This may be the perfect time to start new traditions or adjust the ones that no longer work for your new family. Try something you’ve never done before, like baking cookies together and giving them to a homeless shelter or opening up one gift on Christmas Eve. Even though things have changed, these new traditions help kids realize that the holidays can still be fun.

The most important thing for divorced parents to keep in mind is that the holidays are about the kids. Even if you are not with them, encourage them to enjoy themselves and embrace the spirit of the holiday season.

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