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What is Child Support Supposed to Be Used For?

Hispanic father holding infant on his shoulder

When making a child support payment, the parent making that financial contribution is usually under the impression that those funds are being used for their child or children. And they should be as that’s exactly what child support payments are for — a parent’s child or children. However, this does not always happen, and parents who believe child support payments are not being used properly can take action.

Purpose of Child Support Payments

A judge or magistrate doesn’t force one parent to make child support payments for no reason — there is a purpose behind these financial contributions. Typically, child support payments are awarded so that the child or children can maintain the lifestyle they were accustomed to or at minimum, a reasonable living standard.

Child support payments should be used to support a child’s basic needs including:

  • Food;
  • Clothing;
  • Shelter;
  • Transportation; and,
  • Health insurance.

If it is ordered, child support payments may also be awarded to cover additional needs such as medical and educational expenses.

What Child Support Payments Do Not Cover

Typically, child support payments do not cover extra-curricular activities, extra health costs, summer camps, and other activities that could be considered non-essential to meet a child’s basic needs.

Additionally, the parent who receives the child support should never use that payment for their own personal use. Child support payments are contributed for the direct benefit of the child or children, not to support the receiving parent for their personal endeavors. Parents who make child support payments and suspect that their contributions are not being used to meet their child’s basic needs have every right to take their case to court.

Don’t Contest the Use of Child Support Payments On Your Own

Accusing a parent of misusing child support payments is not an easy task. A judge or magistrate will want to see evidence and will not rely on hearsay. If you suspect your child support payments are being misused you need an experienced family lawyer working on your case.

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