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How Much Child Support Can be Taken Out of My Paycheck?

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Child support is granted to ensure a child or children's financial needs are met by both parents. While separated families will have a unique child support payment plan tailored to them, there is a commonality among many — having child support payments taken out automatically through the paying parent's paycheck. This leads to a frequently asked question — how much child support can be taken out of my paycheck?

Determining Child Support Payments

Tennessee uses a worksheet to calculate the amount of child support due. This requires information such as both parents' income, any federal benefits the child receives, and self-employment tax paid by either parent. The parents will also receive credit for other minor children for whom they have custody or are paying support. A combined adjusted gross income will be used to determine the basic child support obligation (BCSO).

How Much Money is Taken Out of Paychecks

According to Tennessee law, there is a limit to the amount of money employers can withhold from a paycheck and send in for payment of child support. This ensures an individual has enough remaining income to cover living expenses.

Generally, employers can withhold at least 50% of an individual's 'disposable earnings' (wages remaining after mandatory deductions) and 65% under certain circumstances.

Questions About Child Support in Tennessee?

Child support is an important matter, and the courts take nonpayment seriously. However, life can be unpredictable, and making full payments may not always be possible. It's essential to understand your rights as both the provider of child support and the parent receiving it as Tennessee laws can be complicated.

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