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Tennessee Adoption Rules

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Deciding to open your home up for adoption is a life-changing commitment. Individuals or couples hoping to expand their families may fantasize about what may be to come but may not be prepared for potential hurdles along the way.

Qualifications to Adopt in Tennessee

Not everyone is qualified to adopt in Tennessee. Here is what individuals or couples need to know before beginning the adoption process.

  • Residency: Only those who have lived in Tennessee for at least six months consecutively qualify to adopt in The Volunteer State.
  • Age: Only those who are at least 18 years old are eligible to adopt in Tennessee.
  • Marriage: Those who are not married are allowed to adopt as long as they meet the other requirements. However, for those who are married, both individuals must sign the adoption agreement unless one of the spouses is the child's biological parent.

While the above qualifications must be met no matter what, if the adoption is going through a private agency, that agency may have additional requirements that adoptive parents must meet.

Types of Adoption

Similar to other states, Tennessee has both public, private, and independent adoption options. A public adoption typically happens when a child is adopted through foster care. A private adoption can happen through an adoption agency or non-profit organization. An independent adoption is different in that it is usually an independent agreement between the birth parents and adoptive parents with facilitation from a lawyer or others.

Questions About Adopting in Tennessee?

There are many regulations and guidelines individuals and couples need to consider when adopting in Tennessee. Thankfully, when working with an experienced family law team you can put your worries aside.

The attorneys at Peterson White, LLP have assisted countless families to become whole through adoption. If you are interested in adoption, consider the processes in place to make that happen and see how the legal team at Peterson White, LLP can help. Feel at ease when you consult with our team today.