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What should I consider when deciding to adopt?


The choice to adopt a child can be an incredible, life changing experience for both you and the child you want to make part of your family. Even if you feel ready to become an adoptive parent, you may want to carefully consider your current and future circumstances before proceeding with a decision to adopt.

The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services website describes some considerations that should be a part of your decision to adopt a child. Keeping these factors in mind may not only help you to decide whether adoption is right for you, but also to have questions ready to ask a Tennessee DCS official if you plan to move forward with an adoption.

Financial stability and support

Raising an adopted child is as challenging as raising a biological child, which means all the support you would need to raise biological children will apply to your situation as an adoptive parent. Such support includes your own parents, relatives, friends, anyone who would help you out if you needed assistance with some aspect of caring for your child.

Also think about how your financial situation looks today and how it will look in the future. You may be able to afford your own home and pay all your bills, but adopting a child will add many expenses to your life. Be reasonably sure that you can take on the responsibility yourself or that you are part of a couple that has a strong and steady income.

Emotional considerations

Be prepared for the fact that your adopted child may not return your love as quickly as you would like. Adopted children may need some time to bond with their new families, so you should have patience if your adopted child should show some emotional distance at first.

Additionally, your adopted child may have stayed with a foster parent or had been in the care of a biological parent. At some point, your child may want to talk about them. Ask yourself if you would feel comfortable with your adopted child opening up about past caretakers or relatives. Remember that the state will do their best to match a child with a family that will meet the needs of that child, so consider how you can be the best parent possible to an adopted child.